Wild Wes's Tik-Easy is an underground tiki pop-up bar imagined by Wes Leslie. He throws parties in bars and backyards across America, including NYC's Coup and Paradise Lounge, Melbourne's Rooks Return, San Francisco's Delfina, SRO, Elixir, the Rite Spot, and parties for the Backyard Paradise collective. 

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 10/28/18: SF, The Rite Spot, 7-10pm.

Past appearances:

9/23/18: SF, The Rite Spot.

8/30/18: NYC, Paradise Lounge.

6/24/18: SF, The Rite Spot.

5/10/18: SF, Rickshaw Stop.

4/16/18: SF, Standing Room Only. 

3/25/18: The Rite Spot.

1/11/18: SF, Delfina.

12/3/17: Melbourne. The Rooks Return.

10/23/17: SF, Standing Room Only.

10/27/17: SF. Freaky Tiki Halloween party at The Rite Spot.

10/1/17: SF, Backyard Paradise.

8/31-9/2/17: SF, Standing Room Only residency.

8/16/17: SF, Standing Room Only.

8/13/17: SF, The Rite Spot. 

7/5/17: SF, Elixir. 

6/5/17: NYC, Coup. 

5/6/17: SF, w/Mayya and the Revolutionary Hell Yeah!