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6/23/19: East Sussex, UK. Private Event

6/21/19: London, UK. House Show

6/19/19: Bristol, UK. House Show

6/15/19: Utrecht, Netherlands. Koffie Leute, with Donna Blue

6/14/19: Cologne, Germany. Grunfeld

6/8/19: San Sebastian, Spain. Tabakalera

6/6/19: Leipzig, Germany. Analog

6/5/19: Leipzig, Germany. Dr. Hop

6/3/19: Poznan, Poland. Kołorking Muzyczny

6/2/19: Warsaw, Poland. Młodsza Siostra 

5/25/19: Fairfield, Pondapalooza. With Hot Flash Heat Wave, Madi Sipes, Tino Drima.

5/5/19: SF, The Rite Spot.

4/30/19: SF, PianoFight.

1/3/19: SF, The Rite Spot.

12/14/18: SF, Sofar Sounds.

11/27/18: SF, PianoFight.

9/23/18: SF, The Rite Spot. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

8/30/18: NYC, Pete’s Candy Store.

8/30/18: NYC, Paradise Lounge. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

8/2/18: SF, The Rite Spot.

7/5/18: SF, Bar Fluxus.

6/24/18: SF, The Rite Spot. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

6/23/18: Fairfield, Pondapalooza. With Hot Flash Heat Wave, Tino Drima.

5/10/18: SF, Rickshaw Stop. With Locus Pocus, Loco Tranquilo, Zelma Stone.

4/16/18: SF, Standing Room Only. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

3/25/18: SF, The Rite Spot. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

3/26/18: SF, The Stud. 

2/28/18: SF, Bar Fluxus. With Beauty Queen. 

2/14/18: SF, live on KSFS radio show “Seance Party”

1/30/18: SF, Secret show with Surfer Blood, Lindsey Mills, Holiday Hagan.

1/11/18: Delfina in Movimiento. Guest bartender.

12/3/17: Melbourne, The Rooks Return. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

10/27/17: SF, The Rite Spot. Freaky Tiki Halloween Party. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

10/23/17: SF, Standing Room Only. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

10/18/17: SF, Amnesia. 

10/1/17: SF, Backyard Paradise. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

10/6/17: SF, Sofar Sounds.

10/10/17: SF, Bissap Baobab. The Bedroom Players w/Holistic Underground.

9/10/17: SF, Adobe Books. With Loco Tranquilo and the Hijinks.

8/31-9/2/17: SF, Standing Room Only. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

8/19/17: SF, The Rite Spot.

8/16/17: SF, Standing Room Only. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

7/31/17: SF, Rickshaw Stop. With Leopold and His Fiction.

8/13/17: SF, The Rite Spot. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

7/5/17: SF, Elixir. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

7/3/17: SF, TPC's. With Tre Burt, Tyler Burdwood, Jake McKelvie.

6/16/17: Monterey, East Village Lounge. With John Miller.

6/17/17: SF, The Rite Spot.

6/4/17: NYC, Pete's Candy Store.

6/5/17: NYC, Coup. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

4/19/17: SF, The Lost Church. With James Taugher,  Justin Farren.

5/19/17: SF, Brick and Mortar. With Loco Tranquilo, Cosmic Correlation Conspiracy.

5/6/17: SF, secret location. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

3/11/17: SF, The Rite Spot. "Bedroom Soul" cassette release with Kendra McKinley, Tre Burt.

2/18/17: SF, TPC's. With Wild Mountain Thyme, Azuah, Rachel Toups, Jon Bennett.

1/2/17: SF, Elbo Room. With Sirena Victima, Boy Scouts, Ted Davis.

12/17/16: Fitzroy, Australia, The Workers Club. With The Heights and Dinochip.

12/14/16: Dec: Clifton, Australia. Some Velvet Morning. With Tre Burt.

11/12/16: SF, TPC's. With Shannon Harney (Be Calm Honcho), Mae Powell, Grace Hayes.

10/22/16: SF, PianoFight. With Seoulstice and Ted Davis.

10/6/16: SF, Goorin Bros, Haight Street.

9/24/16: SF, Ferry Boat Summit for Balanced Breakfast.

9/25/16: SF, Backyard Paradise.

9/16/16: PianoFight.

9/17/16: The Red Victorian.

9/13/16: SF, live on’s “Fools of Love”

9/11/16: SF, PianoFight.

9/8/16: SF, Fleet Wood. With Field Medic.

7/24/16: SF, Kiosk Fest. With Field Medic and Derek Ted (Owl Paws).

7/22/16: SF, The Grand Newsstand Anniversary Party. With Sean Real.

7/17/16: SF, TPC's. With Field Medic, Seoulstice, Rachel Toups, Mazin Jamal. 

7/3/16: SF, Artist Spotlight Series. With Star Amerasu and Frank Pietronigro.

4/5/16: NYC, live on WNYU's "The Wren and the Rye." Listen here.

4/2/16: NYC, Pete's Candy Store. With And The Neighbors and The Corduroy Suit.

2/19/16: SF, Fleet Wood. With Ted Davis (Hot Flash Heat Wave).