Wes Leslie is a San Francisco artist pioneering a genre he calls “bedroom soul.” His sound is characterized by heartfelt lyrics that explore long-distance relations in the modern world, with warm jazz guitar and an intimate bedroom recording quality, because that’s exactly where he records.

Bedroom Soul, his debut cassette, was self-released in 2017 with a formal-attire show at Italian supperclub The Rite Spot. This concert also debuted his backing band, the Bedroom Players, a rotating cast that has featured the rhythm section of fellow SF band Hot Flash Heat Wave.

Wes has also released an acoustic breakup album (When You’re Gone, You’re Still In My Songs), an indie-folk record (The Alphabelt) with Wes Leslie and His Deadly Medley, a queer Dylan-esque folk album (Ends Meat), and is currently working on a tropical soul record produced by Avi Naim that blends mid-century exotica with doo-wop and Tin Pan Alley.

He has been called an “artist to watch” by San Francisco’s The Bay Bridged, and when not working on music, throws underground tiki parties called Wild Wes’s Tik-Easy. He is also a San Francisco historian, and founder of the popular Wild SF Tours, which leads tours of neighborhoods, food, ghosts and street art daily.

Born in Palo Alto and raised in the Bay Area, Wes attended SF State University and the Complutense University of Madrid for Creative Writing and Spanish Language studies.

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Press: The Bay Bridged, SF Chronicle, SF Gate and again

 Photograph by Krystian Daszkowski

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