Hailing from San Francisco, Wes Leslie has got his hands in too many pots. He's a soulful musician, first and foremost, but is also known to throw underground tiki parties, and leads tours of city history.

As a musician, Wes Leslie is pioneering a genre he calls “bedroom soul.” His sound is characterized by heartfelt lyrics that explore long-distance relations in the modern world, with warm jazz guitar and an intimate bedroom recording quality, because that’s exactly where he records.

Behind the bar, he runs an underground tiki pop-up called Wild Wes's Tik-Easy, which has appeared in bars in New York, Melbourne, San Francisco and beyond. He previously worked at the acclaimed mixology bar SRO, and Mrs. Jones before that.

He is also the co-founder of Wild SF Tours, and leads tours of the people's history and social movements in San Francisco.

Wes appreciates correspondence, mainly through Instagram, as well as exchanging stories, songs and cocktail recipes with those on his email list.


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The Bay Bridged

 Photograph by Alejandro Ibarra

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