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Debut album "Bedroom Soul" out. Download on Bandcamp.

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2/28/18: SF, Bar Fluxus. With Beauty Queen. 7:30-9:30p (we're on first!)

3/25/18: SF, The Rite Spot. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

3/26/18: SF, The Stud. 

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2/14/18: SF, live on KSFS radio.

1/30/18: SF, Secret show with Surfer Blood, Lindsey Mills, Holiday Hagan.

1/11/18: Delfina in Movimiento. Guest bartender.

12/3/17: Melbourne, The Rooks Return. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

10/27/17: SF, The Rite Spot. Freaky Tiki Halloween Party. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

10/23/17: SF, Standing Room Only. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

10/18/17: SF, Amnesia. 

10/1/17: SF, Backyard Paradise. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

10/6/17: SF, Sofar Sounds.

10/10/17: SF, Bissap Baobab. The Bedroom Players w/Holistic Underground.

9/10/17: SF, Adobe Books. With Loco Tranquilo and the Hijinks.

8/31-9/2/17: SF, Standing Room Only. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

8/19/17: SF, The Rite Spot.

8/16/17: SF, Standing Room Only. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

7/31/17: SF, Rickshaw Stop. With Leopold and His Fiction.

8/13/17: SF, The Rite Spot. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

7/5/17: SF, Elixir. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

7/3/17: SF, House show at TPC's. With Tre Burt, Tyler Burdwood, Jake McKelvie.

6/16/17: Monterey, East Village Lounge. With John Miller.

6/17/17: SF, The Rite Spot.

6/4/17: NYC, Pete's Candy Store.

6/5/17: NYC, Coup. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

4/19/17: SF, The Lost Church. With James Taugher,  Justin Farren.

5/19/17: SF, Brick and Mortar. With Loco Tranquilo, Cosmic Correlation Conspiracy.

5/6/17: SF, secret location. Wild Wes's Tik-Easy (tiki pop-up)

3/11/17: SF, The Rite Spot. "Bedroom Soul" cassette release with Kendra McKinley, Tre Burt.

2/18/17: SF, TPC's. With Wild Mountain Thyme, Azuah, Rachel Toups, Jon Bennett.

1/2/17: SF, Elbo Room. With Sirena Victima, Boy Scouts, Ted Davis.

12/17/16: Fitzroy, Australia, The Workers Club. With The Heights and Dinochip.

12/14/16: Dec: Clifton, Australia. Some Velvet Morning. With Tre Burt.

11/12/16: SF, TPC's. With Shannon Harney (Be Calm Honcho), Mae Powell, Grace Hayes.

10/22/16: SF, PianoFight. With Seoulstice and Ted Davis.

10/6/16: SF, Goorin Bros, Haight Street.

9/24/16: SF, Ferry Boat Summit for Balanced Breakfast.

9/25/16: SF, Backyard Paradise.

9/16/16: PianoFight.

9/17/16: The Red Victorian.

9/11/16: SF, Pianofight.

9/8/16: SF, Fleet Wood. With Field Medic.

7/24/16: SF, Kiosk Fest. With Field Medic and Derek Ted (Owl Paws).

7/22/16: SF, The Grand Newsstand Anniversary Party. With Sean Real.

7/17/16: SF, TPC's Living Room. With Field Medic, Seoulstice, Rachel Toups, Mazin Jamal. 

7/3/16: SF, Artist Spotlight Series. With Star Amerasu and Frank Pietronigro.

4/5/16: NYC, live on WNYU's "The Wren and the Rye." Listen here.

4/2/16: NYC, Pete's Candy Store. With And The Neighbors and The Corduroy Suit.

2/19/16: SF, Fleet Wood. With Ted Davis (Hot Flash Heat Wave).

Wild Wes's Tik-Easy is an underground tiki pop-up bar imagined by Wes Leslie. He throws parties in bars and backyards across America, including stints at NYC's Coup, Melbourne's Rooks Return, San Francisco's SRO, Elixir, the Rite Spot, and parties for the Backyard Paradise collective. 

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Past appearances:

12/3/17: Melbourne. The Rooks Return.

10/23/17: SF, Standing Room Only.

10/27/17: SF. Freaky Tiki Halloween party at The Rite Spot!

10/1/17: SF, Backyard Paradise.

8/31-9/2/17: SF, Standing Room Only residency.

8/16/17: SF, Standing Room Only.

8/13/17: SF, The Rite Spot. 

7/5/17: SF, Elixir. 

6/5/17: NYC, Coup. 

5/6/17: SF, w/Mayya and the Revolutionary Hell Yeah (backyard show).






Hailing from San Francisco, Wes Leslie, has got his hands in too many pots. He's known to throw underground tiki pop-up bars, writes music of a few genres, and owns a walking tour company.

For the music, he's known as the Bedroom Player, and is pioneering a musical genre he calls "bedroom soul." His live set features a tight soul revue, the Bedroom Players, who carry the songs like James Brown would have liked. It's an old-school performance, with theatrics and antics to entertain, and great songs to make you feel the feels, and perhaps even dance.

As Wild Wes, he runs the underground tiki pop-up Wild Wes's Tik-Easy, which has appeared in bars New York, Melbourne, San Francisco and beyond. Join the email list to be in the loop.

He is also the co-founder of Wild SF Tours, and leads tours of the people's history and social movements in San Francisco, including a weekly musical tour of the Haight-Ashbury.

Wes appreciates correspondence, and regularly emails stories, songs and cocktail recipes to those who sign up for his email list.


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