Wes Leslie


Wes Leslie is pioneering a genre he calls "bedroom soul." It resides comfortably somewhere between self-aware white kid and Al Green whispering into your ear.

These are hushed ballads that never quite break, rich in personal anecdote, often about travel, love and loss.

Wes appreciates correspondence, and regularly emails stories, songs and cocktail recipes to those who sign up for his email list.

Email him at hey (at) wesleslie.com

Also embracing technology on Insta and the Book.



Upcoming Dates:

10/22: SF, PianoFight, 6-8 PM.

11/12: SF, TPC's. With Shannon Harney (Be Calm Honcho), Mae Powell, Grace Hayes. 7-10p.

12/14: Melbourne, AUS, Some Velvet Morning. With Tre Burt. 9p.

Want to make something happen? Email hey (at) wesleslie.com

Past Dates:

10/6: SF, Goorin Bros, Haight Street. 5-6:45 PM.

9/24: SF, Ferry Boat Summit.

9/25: SF, Backyard Paradise.

9/16: PianoFight, 9:30-11:30 PM.

9/17: The Red Victorian, 2-5 PM.

9/11: SF, Pianofight. 5-6 PM happy hour show.

9/8: SF, Fleet Wood. With Field Medic.

7/24: SF, Kiosk Fest. With Field Medic and Derek Ted (Owl Paws).

7/22: SF, The Grand Newsstand Anniversary Party. With Sean Real.

7/17: SF, TPC's Living Room. With Field Medic, Seoulstice, Rachel Toups, Mazin Jamal. 

7/3: SF, Artist Spotlight Series. With Star Amerasu and Frank Pietronigro.

4/5: NYC, live on WNYU's "The Wren and the Rye." Listen here.

4/2: NYC, Pete's Candy Store. With And The Neighbors and The Corduroy Suit.

2/19: SF, Fleet Wood. With Ted Davis (Hot Flash Heat Wave).