Wes Leslie


Wes Leslie (San Francisco/New Orleans) pioneers and sings a new genre called "bedroom soul."

These are hushed ballads that never quite break, rich in personal anecdote, often about travel, love and loss.

contact: hey@wesleslie.com



Upcoming Dates:

None scheduled. Want to make one happen? Email hey@wesleslie.com

Past Dates:

7/24: SF, Kiosk Fest. With Field Medic and Derek Ted (Owl Paws).

7/22: SF, The Grand Newsstand Anniversary Party. With Sean Real.

7/17: SF, TPC's Living Room. With Field Medic, Seoulstice, Rachel Toups, Mazin Jamal. 

7/3: SF, Artist Spotlight Series. With Star Amerasu and Frank Pietronigro.

4/5: NYC, live on WNYU's "The Wren and the Rye." Listen here.

4/2: NYC, Pete's Candy Store. With And The Neighbors and The Corduroy Suit.

2/19: SF, Fleet Wood. With Ted Davis (Hot Flash Heat Wave).



by Wes Leslie

Click here to download folksy bedroom album The Alphabelt on Bandcamp.